Turbo vs. Vita

free free. after a thousand a Thousand years

RARE happy thoughts filling his heart, the Robot called Turbo speeds faster than any human eye could hope to follow.

Last time he had been unlucky. He was NOT prepared for Vita’s powers…

Her human form seems to melt, to flow… the faces change, the name remains the same.

…but this time HE is!

The full force of his POWER, Turbo will now unleash against the LONE girl.

He must be careful until the woman is gone--the ancient barriers grow weaker by the day. Soon, perhaps, Turbo will also be gone.


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¡Diana Deutsch!

Turbo vs. Vs. vs. Michael Leisure

Out of SPACE from Earth, the first attacking units came...


Michael- I can appreciate your charms...with those to fight for, I am beginning to doubt the inevitability of victory for my side!

Turbo- Fine. I am your prisoner, earth man! Though I will say that I am puzzled....when our robots evaluated your species, they characterized you as a gentle race, fearful of physical injury, unwilling to die except for great reason.

Michael- You thought peace!?

Turbo- Nah, fuck that. But now I MUST take your mind off these fantasies.

Tune in to the next B.brew program, Mon. 10-12.

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